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January 11, 2006

Dear Editor,

Re: Viewpoint article "The Intelligent Design debate: Many Americans miss the point" by Dr. Craig Tenke

Dear Editor:

Yes, I think we all get the point that science as currently defined by its governing practitioners is methodologically atheistic. The question is, if its assumption that everything can be explained completely naturalistically is not true i.e., if God did in fact do things directly, and if creation in fact does have a purpose can science reach correct conclusions? No. If the evidence indicates that the assumption is wrong, shouldn't the assumption be changed?

Put another way, yes, science is methodologically atheistic but should it be? In fact, can it be and still provide an accurate account of the universe? I know not what conclusions others may reach, but as for me and my house, we say, "No."

For Christ and his church,

(The Rev.) Rob Harrison
Pastor, Trinity Church in the Pines
Grand Lake, Colorado

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