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January 14, 2006


Dear Editor:


In his January 13, 2006 letter, Craig Tenke wrote, "Science isn't the method of doctrine, but of doubt." If this is true, why are so many scientists afraid to question the Theory of Evolution for fear of peer disapproval, and even the loss of jobs?

As a layman (i.e., non-scientist), I perhaps have a clearer picture than Dr. Tenke has of what is happening in the scientific world, especially at the academic level. A friend, who is a college professor with two Ph.Ds in biology is writing a book about people who have lost their academic positions for questioning Darwin's Theory. He has reduced it to the 100 most egregious cases, but he could include many more. Anyone in academic circles who questions Darwin faces dire consequences. The Doctrine of Darwin must go unchallenged.

Charles L. Trotter
Huntsville, Alabama

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