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January 16, 2006


In his January 14, 2006 letter, The Rev. Rob Harrison said, "Personally, I don't give a hang one way or the other whether the neo-Darwinian evolutionary construct is true or false it doesn't affect my theology at all, so I don't have a dog in that hunt; I'll go wherever the evidence leads."

What a great pity that a minister of he Gospel relies on human "evidence" and not on the clear Word of God for his belief about what God said He did in the Beginning. The "evidence" that Reverend Harrison relies on comes from the same unbelieving sources that he decries in his response to Dr. Tenke. Man's evidence changes daily; will Reverend Harrison's faith change daily to keep up with the latest trends?

As Jesus will probably ask His Church on That Day, "...O ye of little faith, why did you doubt?" (Matthew 14:31).

Charles L. Trotter
Huntsville, Alabama

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