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January 18, 2006



I thank the Reverend Rob Harrison for clarifying what he means by "evidence," but I still must take issue with him on one statement that he made in his January 17 letter. He said, "The battle over evolution, to my way of thinking, really doesn't challenge the Christian faith at all, regardless of what pompous academic blowhards like Dr. Richard Dawkins think."

I agree with him about his disdain for Richard Dawkins, but to believe that evolution doesn't challenge the Christian faith is simply not true. I'm sure that it doesn't change Reverend Harrison's faith, but the danger is to our young people, whose faith has not been tested. When a prominent European pastor was asked why Europe, the birthplace of great Christian thought, is now so secular, he replied, "Europe is saturated with unbelief because of two reasons: Evolution and liberal theology."

Our youth are being saturated with evolution in colleges and universities throughout America. Edward .O. Wilson entered the University of Alabama a convinced Southern Baptist. When he left four years later, he was on the path to evolutionary notoriety. He has been called the natural heir of Darwin, and at 72, he continues to preach Darwinian evolution from his Harvard laboratory and the many books he has published. Also, I know families who have sent their faithful Christian children away to school, only to see them abandon their faith in just a few years because a respected and loved professor was so very convincing that the Christian myth is for uneducated bumpkins. To believe that we are not in a struggle for Christian faith is naive. To marry Christianity and evolution is a huge mistake, in my opinion. Evolution does away with Adam and the Fall. Without the Fall, there is no basis for Paul's statement that, by (one) man came death, and by (another) Man came the Resurrection from the dead (Romans 5). Also, Evolution falsifies Jesus' statement, "But from the beginning of the Creation, God made them male and female...." (Mark 10:6).

One other point, Reverend Harrison said, "...I don't think we have freedom to simply dismiss the physical evidence as to, for instance, the age of the universe, and there aren't any compelling countervailing theories at this point. We need to respect that"

Reverend Harrison apparently isn't aware of the studies being conducted which are shedding new light on the age of the earth and also the age of the universe. A group of scientists in California has just completed an eight year study of radiometric dating, which strongly calls into question and contradicts the assumptions of secular scientists. The report they published is titled Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, and is available for purchase. The book is very technical, but a layman's version titled, Thousands...Not Billions may be obtained in paperback from Master Books ( It is fascinating reading. One of the things being reported is the finding of carbon 14 in diamonds. Since diamonds are supposed to be among the oldest objects on earth. and since C14 has a half life of 5,730 years, scientists assumed (without testing) that no C14 would be present. Another group of scientists (some of whom are secular, and some of whom are Christians) are dealing with evidence concerning the decay of the speed of light, including evidence that it was much faster in the distant past. This has implications affecting the time it takes starlight to travel throughout the universe. These are just some of the things that could change beliefs in the near future.

One last note: the "removal of one brick" in my theological foundation will not "cause my faith to crumble." as one of Reverend Harrison's supporters wrote. My bricks are pretty secure, and I have enough life experience to hold everything but Christ lightly.

Charles L. Trotter
Huntsville, Alabama

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