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January 27, 2006

Dear Editor,

Iíd like to again express my appreciation for Dr. Craig E. Tenkeís thoughts regarding Intelligent Design (ID). I especially appreciate his willingness to wrestle and really engage with those of us who have responded to his posts.

I agree with Dr. Tenke on the limitations of the quote from the Discovery Institute web site (

"The scientific theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection. Intelligent design theory then is an alternative solution to answer problems with Darwinian evolution."

But Iíd like to note that the above is not intended to be anything but a simple two sentence introduction to ID, comparable to the opening paragraph of a chapter on evolution that one might find in a biology textbook. Dr. Tenke makes valid points and asks valid questions regarding the above, but heís looking for depth in the shallows.

By way of observation, it seems clear to me that while Dr. Tenke offered his initial comments without having had much exposure to the best and clearest thinking about ID, it is also clear that he is a thoughtful individual, willing to be persuaded by rational discourse. I have a suggestion for Dr. Tenke, but Iím a little sheepish to make it as it may sound like Iím assigning him a book report and I donít doubt that Dr. Tenke keeps a busy schedule. I would be very interested, however, in Dr. Tenkeís response to Dr. Michael Beheís ďDarwinís Black BoxĒ.

Dr. Behe is a biochemist at the forefront of the ID movement who makes a fair attempt to represent the complexity of the biochemical world while still being accessible to the nonscientist. I have no doubt that the biochemistry that Dr. Behe delves into is much more accessible to Dr. Tenke as a research scientist than it is to me. Of course, Dr. Tenke may be unpersuaded by Dr. Beheís arguments, but at least he will then be disagreeing with ID as it is articulated by its leading proponents. (Another great source of information can be found at, where you can find many of Dr. Beheís articles and links to the articles of his critics and his response to his critics.)

Bruce Byrne
John Knox Presbyterian Church
Dublin, California

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