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April 9, 2004


Dear Editor:

Are there any Presbyweb readers who are surprised that neither Part I nor Part II of the Berkley & Dooling piece for PFR address the simple points that I made in my March 25 and 29 letters? The reason: whether by chance or choice, their premise is in error.

The purpose of my responses is simply to indicate that the implications, indeed, the very title, of their "Unintended Consequences" pieces, are false. These pieces are apparently aimed at moderates who are looking for insights. Rev. Berkley's new letter (April 7) contains nothing new in it, but his continued implication that my statements regarding Presbyterian polity are naive or ignorant are telling, since he closes with an advertisement for the Presbyterian Coalition. It's clear that some groups within the PC(USA) are fearful of this vote, precisely because it could ELIMINATE the discord that they thrive on. I'd advise the target audience for the Berkley & Dooling articles to read them for what they are, and to look elsewhere for additional information.

I do continue to be amused by Rev. Berkley's sharp wit, politically motivated though it might be. Reading his letters actually reminds me of a scientific paper I reviewed. The authors had data on an important topic, but the title and structure were inappropriate. In keeping with Rev. Berkley's mood, I'd like to propose an amusing title for his revised articles: "The Conservative Agenda: How to persuade moderates."

I stand by my simple, direct statements, not out of ignorance, but out of much study, prayer and reflection on these issues. Moreover, the readership of Presbyweb has no reason to believe that I am any LESS concerned about the possibility of any "Unanticipated Consequences" to sexual minorities than is Rev. Berkley.

Happy Easter to one and all,

Craig E. Tenke
elder, Center Moriches, NY
neuroscientist, NYS Psychiatric Institute, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York City, New York

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