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October 23, 2001

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Dear Editor:

Craig E. Tenke recently pointed out a clear imprecision in my letter regarding homosexuality and change therapy. I did not clearly delineate that "choice verses genetics" was not the point of Dr. Spitzer's piece, rather it does appear ( to me) to have clear implications for our debate. However, Mr. Tenke proceeds.

First of all to try to cast my comments in light of the September 11th tragedy is a typical smear tactic. I repent of being imprecise in my comments but I remind Mr. Tenke that my response was written to articles and letters listed in Presbyweb during the preceding week. The facts of the content of the debate do not support the illusion of some kind of "cease fire". Voting goes on and so have (and must) the debates from both sides. In seeking to participate in free debate I used the research of Dr Spitzer to show that homosexuality was a changeable condition. Unlike skin color and gender; homosexuality can be changed (this is a fact of Dr. Spitzer's research) and that to compare a reversible condition to that of being of African decent or being a woman is unfair and lessens the history of those people.

Mr. Tenke further pursues the "smear tactic" path by trying to say that I somehow supported coercive therapy. I challenge him to find this anywhere in my letter. I am not interested so much in the politics of psycho-therapy. I am certainly not interested in telling American citizens what they should do.

I am interested in the debate in my denomination regarding the ordination of GLBT persons. We all join the PCUSA voluntarily and each member undertakes a vow to accept the governance of the church - THERE IS NO COERCION IN MEMBERSHIP. Further - ordination is a call to a higher commitment to the polity of the church, again the oath is taken voluntarily.

I am interested in a group of people who would change doctrines of the church that have stood for 2000 years. I am interested in a group who openly rejects the teachings of the church they joined. A church whose rules they claim to be submitted too - I say again voluntarily. This is not about participation in mainstream American Society but rather participation in a particular denomination's leadership. Many of the leaders of the GLBT movement justify breaking the polity that they swore to uphold by claiming they are genetically created homosexual.

The argument is that homosexuals are genetically created that way and so we are to believe that this is part of God's good creation. To date, however, there has been no conclusive evidence of any genetic link to homosexuality. Period - zero - zip - nada.

The Gay agenda seeks to change the polity of the church and to refute biblical standards. If we are to even consider this, the weight of proof is upon the progressives. There is no proof here but only theory. The progressives who support GLBT ordination are making a fact claim that is not true. Homosexuality has not been scientifically proven to be part of the created order. This is not based upon Dr. Spitzer's article but simply a summary of research history.

Mr. Tenke was right to point out the lack of clarity of my letter. I thank him for the correction The attack that follows was unappreciated and undeserved. I agree that the studies of science will one day give us conclusive information. Until then I believe the stance of Scripture and the traditional position of the Church should be maintained. Since the Bible condemns homosexual behavior as sin we should not be asked to change our position based upon unproven threory.

I am aware that Dr. Spitzer's argument set off a whirlwind of response from gay rights groups around the country. They seem to have drawn the same conclusions that I did. I suggest that this makes it clear that my conclusions are not based upon my bias. GLBT persons agreed with my conclusions. This can be found on the index of reaction to Dr. Spitzer's article.

I have attempted to remove all "inferences" from this letter. I pray that I have succeeded. I will attempt to be more cautious in the future.


Rev. Bill Crawford
First Presbyterian Church
Thibodaux, La.

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