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October 25, 2001

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Dear Editor:

Sounds like Dr. Tenke and I must agree to disagree. I appreciate his remaining true to his convictions while apologizing for my misreading of his letter. Let us set this aside for a moment.

In this brief moment let me share with him, and all of our brothers and
sisters in Christ, our love. Our small congregation of 80 in Thibodaux,
La. raised a thousand dollars for assistance with pastoral care issues
in New York. Please indulge me as I brag on them - not myself. They
have reached out in Christian love and solidarity. We pray for you
every week in worship. We pray for you daily in our homes. We receive
your wounds as our own. We are hurt, we are angry and we grieve as for
a loss of our own. We unite with you in your mourning.

Yes we are indeed called to our unity in Christ in this season. We are
indeed called to mutual forbearance and love. We love the people of New
York with the love of Christ and we pray for your healing and wholeness.

God bless my brother. May he be well and may Christ be with him
every day.

A moment, nothing more, but I pray a holy one.

The votes go on,

Rev. Bill Crawford
Thibodaux, La.

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